Peace, Love & Happiness in 2019

Setting goals for the new year is something that I think about on January 1. It is the first of 365 days that begin to tell a story of the year ahead.

Meal Prep: Eating healthy is something that has been on my mind lately. I think it is so important to pay attention to what we are consuming. I am a true believer in portion control. Meal prepping will also save time in the morning as I am getting lunches together.

Restoring my Dining Room Table: I have been sitting on this project for quite sometime. We have this beautiful antique wood table that could use some TLC on top. I have went back and forth with what color to pick. This is the year to move forward. I am excited to show the before and after photos. I love restorations and definitely want to share more on this fun craft.

New Vacation Destination: I make this a goal every year to pick a new spot to visit. Family vacations are perfect for bonding outside of our everyday routines. It’s great to explore new places together and make wonderful memories to talk about for years to come. This year I am hoping for somewhere tropical 🐠 🌴

Saving Money: I read about this a few years ago, where you take an envelope and write down the number of weeks in a year. For each week you put that number in the envelope. By the end of the year you have a nice chunk of change to do something with. You could even start this in November and have extra cash by Black Friday to start your holiday shopping.

I hope we all enjoy the most of 2019 and make beautiful memories together!

One thought on “Peace, Love & Happiness in 2019

  1. Omg!!!
    Restoring the dining room table should be mine too! You should see how messed up it is from kiddos and moving over the last ten years! I need to really get it going this year. Also the saving money part is so important! Do you like Dave Ramsey? Loving this post so much!!


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