Discover Talking Pen

This may be one of the best discoveries I have made!! Seriously though, I have been trying to cut my son‘s screen time down and the Discover Talking Pen is helping me with that.

It is so easy to hand over the phone or a tablet to keep the little ones busy while us adults try to accomplish our everyday routine. Honestly my son will find the craziest game to play with those not so fun in app purchases!! I always ask why is that allowed?!?!?! Yes, I have had huge charges on my card until I added restrictions. 

The Discover Talking Pen is so easy to use. No restrictions needed! The accompying books are geared toward STEM. They are filled with educational fun facts for the curious little minds. The books come with a sheet of recording stickers. I found these stickers to be useful with teaching my son a second language. He is really into learning French right now. I placed the sticker close to the French word and recorded the English word. So when be places the Discover Talking Pen on the sticker it will give him the word in English. Another way to use the recording stickers is if your child is trying to read a book that may be above his/her reading level. You can record your voice as you read the book. Place the recorded stickers on each page and have them use the Discover Talking Pen to help them learn some new words. We are both having so much fun with this book series!! 

Disover Talking Pen would make the perfect gift this holiday season.{ you could use the recording stickers to personally inscript your voice for your loved one} Explore the Discover Talking Pen with the link below ⬇️

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