Starlink Battle for Atlas


It was a mom/son outing to the Nintendo Store in New York for a preview party to check out the hottest new video game to hit the shelves. Starlink Battle for Atlas will definitely be the “It” game of the holiday season.


Safety is a main concern when my son picks a video game to play. A lot of games if your not careful enough to catch it contain a feature to share play. Share play gives you access to connect to anyone across the internet. This is disturbing to me, knowing that my son is communicating with strangers. Starlink Battle for Atlas does not allow you to do this which creates a safe environment. It has also filled the gap for growing children who want more excitement in a game but parents who don’t want to have their kids exposed to violence.


Another thing that I have learned along the way of my son’s gaming fun, is that most video games have multiple additions that you need to buy to keep up with the game. This makes gaming quite expensive. Starlink Battle for Atlas  does not operate that way. Once you have the starter pack you can enjoy the game without needing anything else.

Starlink Battle for Atlas has my mom approval.


2 thoughts on “Starlink Battle for Atlas

  1. I feel the same. My son own a PS4, and when he starts talking with his headphone-mic to strangers, I wasnt very comfortable about that. Now he’s 14 and I can deal with it, but the PS4 is in the living room and not in his room so when he talks, I can hear him.

    Thanks for sharing, Im not the only one carrying about safety.


    1. Yes Melanie it is scary what these little ones have access to on the internet! Starlink provides a closed environment, I love that concept!! I question why these games allow you to talk to strangers?!?!? Starlink is available for the PlayStation, as well as XBox and Nintendo.


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