Summer Essentials

With just about one month left to the summer I thought I would share what I have found out about the top summer essential for all – sunscreen.

I never really gave it much thought until I began lathering my babies with these products and it wasn’t really until a close friend began to tell me her escapades to locate the right one.

After hearing her stories I decided to do a little investigating myself. Which led me to – a site dedicated to providing knowledge of all things that contain chemicals that are harmful to humans. Sunscreens, make up and food are listed on this site and graded according to their safety. With a 1 being safe and a 10 being harmful, I have listed my top picks for sunscreens.

– Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen Lotion, Baby SPF 50

– Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Sunscreen, SPF 50

– Goddess Gardens Organics Kids Sunscreen SPF 50

While the list above are a few of the best choices that I have found and tested my best judge is my twelve year old, Lola. She was going to camp for the past month and had to apply sunscreen every morning before leaving the house. Her chief complaint was that the safer choices do not blend very well to the skin. I can agree they don’t. The only one that I have found to be safe according to and also blends well is from Beauty Counter.


I have also discovered that even if you find a product that is ranked a 1 that does not mean that all products associated with that brand are safe. I too have found that anything that advertises it as being a SPORT type of screen is ranked in the harmful range. I think we can all agree it’s obvious the spray screens are ranked high with being harmful. I have to admit the sprays are super easy but I knew with just the fumes that are emitted they can’t be good for anyone. Protect your babies and protect yourself!


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