I Believe in Sticker Charts

June started off full of celebrations, with my oldest {Maya} graduating from 8th grade and my youngest {Ethan} graduating from Kindergarten.

It has been a huge transition year in our house. September was not so easy with Ethan settling into his new Kindergarten classroom. The morning carline gave me anxiety! Trying to pull him out of the mini van was a nightmare!! There were mornings I felt it was easier to keep him home, if only I was a stay at home mom. No such luck here. I knew I had to do something. Not sure how the thought popped into my head but it was like a light bulb going on. I resorted to a sticker chart. Yes, shear bribery. I admit it!! I would have done anything for that little boy to happily walk into those doors. I printed a calendar up and presented it along with some colored circle stickers to my son. We had a heart to heart talk and agreed if he could get a sticker on each day of the week for getting out of the car and walking into school he would be rewarded for these actions with something he has been yearning for…… an X Box. Yes, it is an expensive item but I would have bought this kid an elephant if he wanted one. If that would get him into school I would have done anything. He hung his chart on the back of his bedroom door. Ethan did great. He would even put a sticker on the night before and promise he was going to be good. The last day of September was nearing and I couldn’t believe it but it worked! We went to Toys R Us on Friday the 29th and he picked his prize.

That night was precious. Bedtime came and Ethan took the paper off the back of his door and looked at me and said, “I don’t need this anymore”. It was like something clicked. In those 5 weeks something magical happened. Just like adults who get bonuses at work, being rewarded for doing good feels good. It gives you an incentive to keep the good work up.

See you in September 1st Grade!


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